How Much Should a Home Inspection Cost?

What costs are involved in a home inspection?

Prices for home inspections vary widely by location, as well as the size and age of a home.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a typical home inspection costs $300 to $500.

However, the price can easily push to $600-plus if you have a larger home or need additional inspections, such as mold, radon, well, septic, or termite, which aren’t typically included. In most cases, it’s well worth it for buyers to hire a home inspector.

Our costs start at $250 and up based on square footage.

Other factors that affect how much an inspection can cost are how different the home is and how far the inspector has to travel to reach the home. In addition, home inspectors with more experience may charge more than those with less experience.

Home inspections, for you first-time home buyers out there, are a way to vet a home before you buy it. Let’s face it: Buying a home is a huge investment. You wouldn’t buy a car, new or used, without test driving it first. Having a home inspection is a way for you to not only test drive but to have a mechanic check out that car before you buy it.

But all in all, rest assured—the cost of a home inspection is a drop in the bucket compared with the financial agony these inspections can save you down the road.


A professional home inspector, who is certified, Licensed and Insured, is trained to use a home inspection checklist to look at over 1,600 features of your home that can fall into disrepair (who knew there were so many?).

A home inspector uses noninvasive methods to look primarily at the following:

  • Grounds for possible water or septic problems
  • Structure for foundation, window, or door problems
  • Exterior for rot, decay, and excavation problems
  • Roof for shingle, flashing, and fascia problems
  • Interior for framing, insulation, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical issues
  • Kitchen for electrical code compliance, operating cabinets, and plumbing problems
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