Certified Septic Inspection

A septic tank inspection is highly recommended at the time of a purchase or sale of a home. As a company, we have witnessed many new homeowners run into some very serious – extensive – costly issues after purchasing a new home because they failed to get a thorough septic tank inspection done before closing.  This is typically done around the same time as a home inspection.

Here are some FAQ answers for your information in advance:

  • Someone must be on site for us to do a septic tank inspection.
  • We work for and only schedule with the person who is paying for the inspection.
  • We must have a signed agreement from the client prior to the inspection appointment.
  • The client will be issued a report with recommendations based on the inspection. 
  • Once on-site, our inspectors will spend a maximum of 60 minutes trying to locate the septic tank. If we are unable to locate the tank, or if we locate it but the tank is more than 18″ deep in the ground, or if the tank is under something that prevents us from getting to the tank, there will be a service charge even though we cannot complete the inspection. We only dig up to 18″ to the lid of the tank.
  • Once we have the septic tank open, we will measure and classify the contents. 
  • We will make a visual assessment of the drain fields and test to be sure tank has  proper flow.


We are not affiliated with any repair or mitigation company.


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The most important thing to know about the septic tank is where to find it. 

Travis Davis

Owner, Cookeville Home Inspection

Sample Inspection Report

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