Spring Home Maintenance

Get ready for Rainy Weather

Simple things to get ready

Whether you’ve had a mild winter or an arctic blaster, there are some things you can do as the snow and ice melt away, temps get milder, and Spring rains start to come in.

Pick a nice warm sunny day and get out to get acquainted with you home again.


Look over the exterior of your home. Get the ladder out and get to checking!

Up on the Roof. You can climb up or use binoculars or your kid’s drone for examining your roof. If you have shingles, see if any have been damaged or lifted and if any fasteners have lifted up. Are there any missing or damaged? Are any raised up? This can be a place where water from Spring rains can get through, causing lots of issues inside. Additionally, if you have a metal roof, look for screws backing out, major dents or creases in the metal. Tiles roofs need to be examined for broken and misplaced tiles.
There are lots of vent pipes and other items that come through the roof structure up there. Pay close attention to the flashing around these items. Make sure they look waterproof. Look for places where birds may have nested in the eaves the previous year, causing damage.


Do you have a chimney or stove pipe? Check joints in the bricks or rock and replace when necessary. Any vegetation growing between the bricks or stone means trouble. They will need to be repaired and resealed. 


Now that your neck is sore, let your eyes go down to the exterior walls. Check under eaves and next to the gutters, especially the downspout area. You might want to schedule a day for those gutters to be cleaned out so the rain has a quick place to get away from your home. If there is staining, you know that the water is not going where it is supposed to an adjustment needs to be made.
Wood or metal walls, made sure none of the siding is pulling away, no popup nails or screws and check for insect damage in wood.


Foundation checks are important. Looks for cracks and get them sealed up. If you notice any shifting, contact your structural team to check it out.


Check your windows and doors from the outside. Check to make sure caulking, paint, and weather seals are intact. Schedule a day to clean them inside and out! Pop the screens off and wash them also.


Kitchen. Spring cleaning means wiping down all cabinets and checking for mold. Check under cabinets for any slow plumbing leaks that may have started.
Attic. Check for animal intrusion and insect issues. Check for mold which means there is condensation or a roof leak.

Basements are often damp. Check for mold and also check the masonry for cracks and shifting. Cracks could mean water penetration. 


Warmer weather means the AC will be coming on soon. Change out the filters and check all hose connections and drain pans. Clean it out well and fire it up to make sure all is well before the first hot day. the repair services will be busy during that time.

Plumbing systems. Although not a Spring item, checking out all the plumbing that you normally don’t look at is a good check while you are digging around. Hot Water heaters often leak for a while before being noticed. Dishwashers are another appliance that can cause heartache if the plumbing connections fail. Check all bathrooms under the sinks and behind the toilets and make sure all hoses and connections are not leaking. Don’t forget the clothes washer! 

Electrical plugs on the outside of the home need to be checked to make sure covers, etc. are still in place and the outlets are working.

Check outdoor dryer vents for clogging.

Once you are done with your Spring home maintenance, check out the grill and patio furniture and get ready for Summer fun!

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