Time to Prepare for Summer Storms

summer storm

Written by Mickie Davis

June 20, 2022

Setting aside time to take assessment of your home and emergency preparedness can save you assets, confusion and anxiety. As you review your storm preparedness, there are two areas to focus on: outside and inside.


Keep solar lights outside which can be moved inside during blackouts

Check for loose shingles, damaged roofs, or missing chimney caps. High wind events can rip loose items off your roof and make a leak path which equals water damage.

Remove leaves and other debris from gutters, drains, and downspouts. Make sure downspouts are draining efficiently and at least 6ft away from the house.

Trim trees. Most arborists recommend that trees and limbs be at least 10 feet away from your home. 

Do a preventive check on your doors’ and windows’ sealing. Water is very damaging.


Review your safety plan. Do your family members know the location of the safest place? How will you communicate if a storm sneaks up? Have a written copy of emergency contacts, phone numbers and personal contacts. Do you have an electric garage door opener? Open the door a bit so you can force it up, open it, park outside or disconnect the safety mechanism.

Items to have with you. Flashlights with back up batteries or back up battery pack. Hand crank radios or flashlights. Cell phones with charged backup battery. Remember, any outside solar light can be moved inside for use.

Surge protectors. With storms can come lightning strikes and power surges. Use surge protectors to protect your electronics.  

Water. Keeping a case of water in the garage or house is a good back up in case of emergency.

First Aid kits and general first aid knowledge in the automobile and the house are essential. Have extra prescription medicine if possible.

Food. Having pop top cans of protein and soups can keep everyone fed in case of storms that cause power outages. Of course, the old-fashioned hand can opener is useful. Camp stoves used outside can warm food.

Pet supplies. Do not forget your pet’s needs.  Food, medicine.

Be Prepared!

Attending to these few items before a storm hits can help minimize any home damage a storm’s wrath may unleash.  It can also reassure everyone in your home that they are prepared and can maintain some comfort during the summer storms.

Think a storm did some damage to your home? Call Cookeville Home Inspection for a spot inspection of your roof or siding.

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