Why You Should Get a Yearly Home Physical

Written by Mickie Davis

May 29, 2022

Every year people are encouraged to dutifully head to the doctor’s office for their yearly physical. The belief is this checkup will instate preventative measures to stay healthy or catch things before causing a domino effect resulting in a health crisis. As a person ages, the yearly physical entails more.

In the same way, your home needs its yearly ‘physical’.  As your home ages the ‘physical’ also needs to expand its scope.  Your local home inspector can help you with the different check-ups depending on the life stage of your home.

As with our doctors your home inspectors can aggressively check for debilitating activity which will have a profound impact on the well-being of your home.  Most likely, this will be from water intrusion either under the house or on top. Water ruins wood and damages the bones of a house very quickly. Yearly crawlspace inspections can uncover any unbeknownst leaks, insect activity, settling or humidity problems. Diagnostic recommendations can be implemented to prevent a worse outcome. But you cannot treat what you cannot see. This is where your local home inspector acts as your eyes and ears performing the yearly crawl space inspection.

The yearly roof inspection can diagnose any water intrusion risks from on top. Flashing, clogged top floor gutters, loosened nails, are all things that can allow water damage to the structure of your home from a vantage point the owner cannot see. Hiring your local home inspector for a yearly or bi-yearly inspection could save thousands of dollars.

And then there is the time that a more thorough examination should occur. This is time for a whole home inspection. It is recommended a whole house inspection be performed every five years for healthy home maintenance.

 While the price of the home inspection may give people pause, it is money well spent to protect one of your largest investments. And, just as with our personal physicals, identifying problems early can prevent bigger more costly damage. 

In short, routine annual home inspections, like humans’ yearly physicals, can help prevent major damages from developing in the first place. Prevention is the key.

Schedule your check up home inspection today.

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